Quality Filament on a Budget: eSun PLA+

In my opinion, eSun PLA+ is simply one of the best daily driver filaments around. It offers amazing surface finish, consistent colors, and phenomenal bridging/overhang properties, all at a shockingly low price point.

The three spools (1 full kg, not just 750 grams) I have been using were purchased at around 26 USD each, and they have been performing exceptionally, so I didn't see any reason not to splurge a bit when they went on sale at my local reseller.

Yesterday, the 6 spools shown above (3 silver, 2 black, 1 white) arrived at my doorstep, each costing a jaw-dropping (in a good way) 22.86 USD. As a student and teenager, having this filament option is truly an unbeatable deal, and is helping me to keep up this rather expensive ( 😛 ) hobby.

Kudos to eSun for creating these amazing, high quality products that everyone (even students!) can enjoy!

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