New Release: Contemporary 7-Vase Collection

Within just a few hours, my new vase collection has become my most popular design -- by far. Here's a little look into how the models were created.

Files can be downloaded from Thingiverse, Youmagine, and Pinshape via these links.


All seven of these vases were modeled in Fusion 360 using the same basic set of steps using the loft tool.

The loft tool essentially creates a body that smoothly connects two faces, using those faces as a guide for its shape and path. You can create a simple vase just by sketching out a shape for the bottom face, sketching out another shape for the top face, and then lofting them together.

However, these vases were a little more complicated. First, I planned out the rough shape of each vase, then sketched out polygons (or circles) to act as "guides". These "guides" were then translated vertically to the correct positions in order to produce the desired effect. Sometimes, they were also moved horizontally, providing a shifted look (as in the Deluxe model). Lofting all of them together at the same time created smooth bodies molded by the shapes. I just played around with the shapes and translations until I was satisfied. The great thing about Fusion 360 is that it offers history-based modeling, so you can "go back in time" to adjust positions and shapes.

With the final shape set, the only thing left to do was hollow out the model. I did this with the Shell tool, which essentially makes the model into a "shell": open-topped with a specified wall thickness. By selecting the top face and setting the thickness to 3 mm, the vase is done.



Hopefully, this article helps you come up with some vases of your own! It doesn't require much skill or time at all and just needs patience and experimentation. Share what you've done by leaving some links in the comments below!


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