New Release: Contemporary 3D Printing Sign

My "Contemporary 3D Printing Sign" model is now available online! Links to the Thingiverse, Youmagine, and Pinshape pages are provided at the very bottom of this post.

Here's a little on how it was designed!


You might've noticed that this is the model I have on my home page, for the "3D Printing" slide of my content slider - and it's there for a good reason. I love this piece for its sleek and sharp design coupled with the beautiful font and unique "D" letter.


The text was first designed in Fusion 360: I typed out the words, selected an appropriate size and font, then extruded all the letters. The "D" was also designed here by revolving it up around an axis drawn at its base, then slicing it using planes constructed around it at various angles.

I then exported the letters as stl's into meshmixer, where the body was made. I built a rectangular prism, then reduced its polygon count and played around with the settings until I got the shape I desired. I do realize that this could've been done directly in Fusion 360's mesh workspace, saving me the trouble of having to export everything, but I am far more comfortable with meshmixer when it comes to fixing and repairing meshes.

**The Reduce tool is a fun and easy way of creating some neat-looking figures, so I would recommend that you try it out as well!

After I was satisfied with the body, I simply positioned the text and combined all of the components into a single stl. For the single shelled file, I used the Make Solid tool to stitch the separate shells together.


All in all, I am extremely happy with how it turned out: the low-poly body is sharp and lives up to its name "contemporary", and the "D" brings the whole model up to a completely different level.


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